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Izhatua Corp.

Post by Ghaioqui Zaresh/Ennasha on Mon 01 Jan 2018, 14:00


How nice of you to show interest in our guild!
Allow us to introduce ourselves:

We are Izhatua Corp.
A roleplaying guild in the mmo-rpg Star Wars The Old Republic. You may find us on the server Darth Malgus, at the Imperial faction.
The guild is lead by a group of Star Wars Universe fans, who also share a love for roleplaying within that very universe. We always aim to stay true to the given Star Wars lore.

So who are we then? And what do we stand for?
Well, In Character we are a corporation which is founded by 3 different powerbases. 2 darths and a noble carying the name of House Rist.
Even though there are 2 darths involved, they hide from the public face of the company. The noble is the public face of the company, which allows the company to be neutral, even though covered and invested by Imperials.
The main products of Izhatua Corp is anything tech related. While in the shadows there is a darker and warmongering side of the Corp.

Did we caught your interest even more, yet?
If so, feel free to apply to the guild, or as a customer.
Yes, we really do wish to have more interaction between roleplaying guilds on the server. And help with building a tight roleplay community on the server Darth Malgus. This means that we're open for returning customers and cooperations between other roleplaying guilds.

What to do if you want to join us?
Register to the forum and apply to join the guild, in the Recruitment forum in this same category. Show off your roleplaying skills when you do so! And our officers will reply to you, to make an appointment for your in game interview.
Or if you wish to stay outside the guild and be a customer, or represent a cooperation between us and your guild. Then please register to the forum and apply in the Public Relations category. Our officers will reply to you for an ingame appointment to "discuss business".

We're looking forward to RP with you!

The Council of Izhatua Corp.

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